There won’t be any drone deliveries on Ed Markey’s watch.


WASHINGTON (AP) — Online retailer’s idea for super-fast delivery of packages by unmanned aerial drone has brought a ‘‘not so fast’’ response from one U.S. senator.
Massachusetts Democrat Edward Markey says clear rules are needed to protect the privacy of Americans before commercial drones take to U.S. airspace.
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos told CBS’s ‘‘60 Minutes’’ that the company envisioned using unmanned drones to deliver goods in 30 minutes or less. He said the technology is still several years away and the Federal Aviation Administration would need to develop regulations.
Markey said in a statement on Monday that before drones can deliver packages, the FAA must ‘‘deliver privacy protections for the American public.’’

Can we just assume that Ed Markey got two minutes into this 60 minutes piece, hit the DVR pause button and spent the rest of the night on his front lawn gazing at the sky hoping to see a bunch of Playstation 4’s flying around? “The FAA must ‘‘deliver privacy protections for the American public.’’ Like, no shit, Ed. I’m pretty sure the story was about the innovative side of Amazon and Jeff Bezos only reiterated 4,000 times that drone deliveries weren’t anywhere near implementation. But hey, glad you’ve got our backs.

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