Let them Play! Let them play!

Lowell Sun

LOWELL — Less than a week after 13 Lowell High School senior girls were suspended for “pranks” against underclassmen girls in advance of a scheduled powder-puff football game, Headmaster Brian Martin said Monday that Wednesday’s game is canceled.

“I’ve met with the administrative staff, and we engaged in reviewing the incident. We ultimately thought it was in the best interest of school to cancel the game,” Martin said Monday afternoon. “The superintendent agrees, and we can now move on and go from there.”

Powder-puff games, usually played on the day before Thanksgiving, typically pit senior girls against junior girls. In previous years, students in Lowell would put toilet paper on the cars of other students participating in the game and participate in other pre-game hijinks.

In an email to The Sun, Martin said that several Lowell High School seniors were involved in an incident “related to the traditional pre-Thanksgiving powder-puff football game.”

Martin said an underclassman was victimized by the “prank.”

But according to several students and other sources, the seniors allegedly painted vulgar words on the cars of underclassmen, including derogatory terms about women; at least one car was allegedly “keyed.” Some students and sources also said they were told at least one car had what they considered a racist comment written on it.

Vulgar names and keying cars? What Powder Puff year are we talking about? I believe it was the great Miles Standish who refused to say grace at the original Thanksgiving feast until he felt enough underclassmen had been declared “sluts.” It’s a tradition as old as time. Sure, the keying cars thing is a modern day wrinkle, but so is Turducken and we’re all getting on just fine. It’s never been about football. Taking this right of passage away from these girls is denying mother natures will for girls to become weird tribal factions and combat one another. Eventually they’ll use these skills to one day rush a sorority, create PTO clicks, and divide neighborhoods. That’s what PowderPuff is all about. Let them Play! Let them play!

One thought on “Let them Play! Let them play!

  1. “… mother natures will for girls to become weird tribal factions and combat one another.”

    Martin has undermined the recruiting efforts of the neighbourhood groups farm team system.

    Powder Puff was the only venue where Belvidere had the edge. Well, until you get to “Full Contact Council League.” Which, I should highlight, is technically co-ed. Middle aged white guys seem to excel in that cage match.

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