Just Chaz being Chaz.

Everyone needs love. Even Charles Manson.

The 79-year-old convicted killer –  to put it mildly — who will spend the rest of his days inside California’s Corcoran State Prison has apparently found his soul mate while doing time in the big house.

Manson’s bride-to-be is a 25-year-old woman named Star — a single moniker Manson apparently bestowed upon her — who moved next to the prison six years ago to be closer to her beau. Star runs a website that calls for Manson’s release.

The love affair, detailed in a Rolling Stone magazine that hits newsstands Friday, paints a surreal portrait of a young woman swooned by one of America’s most infamous cult leaders.

Star recently carved an X into her forehead to match Manson’s famous engrave.

Full article here from the SFGate.  But seriously I guess there is someone for everyone right?  I mean even Hitler had a girlfriend and a dog.  Why stop at carving an X in your forehead why not go the full mile and do a matching swastika like hubby?  What kind of crazy chick marries a guy 54 years older than her and one she can’t even live with?  One that’s nuttier then squirrel turd would be my answer.

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