That was quick- There’s gonna be a new Mayor!

LOWELL — City Councilor Rodney Elliott has secured the commitments necessary to become the city’s next mayor, a post he has long sought.

Councilor-Elect Dan Rourke told The Sun Friday morning he will support Elliott, giving Elliott the five votes he would need when the new council votes in January to select the mayor.

Rourke said he made the commitment after several extensive conversations with Elliott this week. Rourke said he was pleased Elliott told him he will be a positive voice for the city.

Rest of the Sun write up here from LiL’s best buddy Lyle Moran.  “Mr. Lynne” and the other wives and spouses over at LiL better hide the cutlery at their houses.  Jack Mitchell might actually consider joining the Taliban to get out of Lowell.  Watching them unravel this week from a far has been nothing short of the Superbowl of Schadenfreude for me.  If that’s wrong, I don’t want to be right. 

9 thoughts on “That was quick- There’s gonna be a new Mayor!

  1. I’m at a loss. While some see Elliott as ‘challenging” the manager, I see him taunting and heckling. Almost every fiscal decision this CM has promoted, Elliott has resisted. Then, he has the audacity to claim his position maneuvered the CM’s policies to their proper outcome. Utter BS. But, enough voter slurped up what The Sun curried out.

    As for the notion of being a good ambassador, no one has done more to generate negative headlines for Lowell, than Rodney Elliott. His reward? His whiney face on the wall of City Hall.

    But, ultimately, “Rod Rage” paid off for that pandering putz. He came in 2nd, AGAIN, even with an uptick in the turnout. (Can’t wait until the purged voter file comes out, to see where those votes come from.)

    So, I’ll be off to the leper colony, licking Lowell’s forth coming wounds. As you say, Mahk, “If that’s wrong, I don’t want to be right.”

  2. Somebody call the wah-mbulence for Jack. Look It’s simple for you being at a loss. You were convinced some would say deluded yourself into thinking this election was going to go “your way”. It didn’t. That’s it. 5300+ “angry fuckers” or “people that don’t get it” or how ever you want to phrase it didn’t buy what you were selling. It happens. It’s not the end of the world, and guess what in two years you and Lynne, and Fahlberg, and who ever else gets another bite at the apple. As for Rodney’s whiny face? If anyone’s been whining this week I suggest you look in the mirror. It’s OK buddy. The sun will rise tomorrow. I really feel like I need to give you a big manly hug when I see you next. Back away from the keyboard and go outside and ENJOY LIFE.

    • Your gonna have to help me out with the concept of losing, Mark. Other than Coakley, my exposure is minimal. How do you cope?

  3. That’s easy I lead a balanced life. Politics is one of my interests. Not the reason for my existence. I get physically humbled weekly. That’s good for the ego and the soul. So I’m not wrapped up in winning and losing anything that much anymore. I prefer to be proud of MY achievements. Not some rich elected official I may or may not supported. But if this is how you act when you lose? You must be a friggin hoot when you play Monopoly or connect four at Christmas.

    • Hmmm. Being an engaged citizen makes me some sort of grumpy nerd with a pocket protector and a pot belly. Sure, I could use a stint at the gym, I’ll give you that.
      I’d be careful with lecturing folks about life choices. The irony of your humility claim may escape you, but others do read this blog.

      • Projecting much? I’m engaged but it doesn’t consume my life. You asked the question remember? Sorry you don’t like the answer. As far as whoever reads the site? Let them. I hope they get a laugh. That’s our sole purpose for doing this.

  4. You too are giving me a headache. Why don’t you guys settle it on the playground.

    Happy Veterans Day, Jack.

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