The Results: Frank’s Shanks Hoist the Cup.


There you have it, after all the numbers have been counted, it appears Frank McCabe’s Shanks have eaked out a victory in the 2013 Sons of Franky Cabot Council Fantasy Draft.

A 50 point effort from Corey Belanger was just enough to overcome Billy Martini’s negative 32 point debacle.

The big loser in this all important contest was sitting champ, Mark Lynch. Having Vesna and Genevieve batting in the 3, 4 spot was what sunk this ship…and boy did it sink quickly. Even Rap’n Rita’s ticket topping performance couldn’t fan the stench off this roster. Looks like a rebuilding year is in order for team Banana Bread.

As for Tobes, you can’t possibly win when everyone on your squad loses. The fantasy gods would never allow it.

3 thoughts on “The Results: Frank’s Shanks Hoist the Cup.

  1. Freaking beginners luck. Doing his radio show is going to be painful.

  2. That is one, convoluted and messed up scoring system. Who came up with that, the ObamaCare web folks?

  3. Trust the numbers, Teddy. That ‘s what Obama wants.

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