SOFC 2013 Fantasy Draft: Round 6 (Pick 18)- Frank’s Shanks selects Fred Doyle

With the 16th and final pick, Frank’s Shanks selects Fred Doyle.

Frank: And in the final pick of the 2013 SOFC Fantasy Draft, Frank’s Shanks selects Fred Doyle. The Dark Horse? Maybe. The Dark Knight? Doubtful. The Dark Shadowy figure I see passing by my window each night. Probable.

Freddy, despite the fact that you were the only guy left on the draft board, I have faith. As I have illogically explained for each of my draft picks, you all have a role to play on Frank’s Shanks….we’ll just need to sort yours out…in a very public location….with lots of people…during the day.

In all seriousness, if Freddy gets elected next week, two things will occur:

1. I will certainly win this 2013 Fantasy draft and
2. I am treating Fred to a new hat with the “prize money”

See you in the parking lot Freddy!

Ned’s Take: believe it or not, I think Freddy IS going to jump over Geneveive on Tuesday for 23 points. I can feel it down in my plums. And when you’re getting feelings about Fred Doyle in your Plums, that means it’s time to wrap up this little exercise.

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