SOFC 2013 Fantasy Draft: Round 6 (Pick 17)- Uncle Joey’s Banana Bread selects Joe Mendonca

For the 17th overall pick, Uncle Joey’s Banana Bread selects Joe Mendonca.

Mark: Last round another incumbent for Uncle Joey. Seriously I’m starting to write my victory post over the weekend. Put it on the board. Joe Mendonca has a bit of an uphill climb to get back into the top nine. Some think it has to do with his love of livestock. I can’t say I disagree. I side with CC Mendonca on the matter though. But people who don’t like Chickens or their heads aren’t likely to vote for Joe to return to the council chambers for another term. He’s got one of my votes, that’s for certain. I feel like I want a grilled chicken salad now.

Ned’s Take: This would be a fantastic pick if all the illegally kept back-yard hens could actually vote.

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