SOFC 2013 Fantasy Draft: Round 5 (Pick 14)- Uncle Joey’s Banana Bread selects Ed Kennedy

With the 14th pick, Uncle Joey’s Banana Bread selects, Ed Kennedy.

Mark: I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, since most of our readership was merely a twinkle in their parents eye, but Ed Kennedy was once a city councilor in Lowell. Back when the AMC Gremlin was prowling the acre, bell bottom pants were all the rage, and according to Dennis Leary, people didn’t really do meth “but they sure loved them some quaaludes.” I wasn’t really around back then so I can’t really say one way or the other what kind of city councilor Ed Kennedy made…but that doesn’t matter because he never shuts up about it.

While Frank and his Shanks sit around drinking Tom Collins’ and talking about Yaz’s rookie year, Me and the “yoots” are going to be over here playing the Ed Kennedy drinking game.

– If he mentions the 70’s you drink.
– Prior experience? Drink.
– What it was like to wear a leisure suit downtown on a Friday night- finish that drink.

It’s the next to the last round and I just bagged another incumbent for Uncle Joey’s Banana Bread. The repeat championship is going to feel so good come next Wednesday.

Ned’s Take: If I were alive in the 70’s, I wouldn’t shut up about it either. Pre-Aids, Mid-coke…ahhhh, what a time to party.

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