SOFC 2013 Fantasy Draft: Round 5 (Pick 13)- Frank’s Shanks selects EriK Gitschier

With13th overall pick, Frank’s Shanks selectsErik Gitschier

Frank: I think Erik Gitschier is an absolute steal in this late round of the SOFC draft. A steal. 2 primary (bad pun as EG did not fair well in the primary election) reasons why the Shanks like Erik.

#1 Cleanliness. They say ‘cleanliness is next to Godliness’. I don’t’ know what that means. But, like the ancient Chinese proverb says, ‘Clean streets, Vote for Erik’. And while we are on the subject of cleanliness, I think Gitch is going to surprise the Vegas Fantasy Draft lines as well as this City by cleaning the clocks of many of his opponents in the voting booths come Tuesday. You heard it here.

#2 The Brothers Gitschier. While I only know Erik in a casual manner, I do know his younger, shall I say, more outspoken brothers. Like Morgan Earp stated to brother Wyatt, “you gotta back your brother’s play”. Sure the Earps were talking life and death, but hey, this is Lowell. This factor alone would make me want to cast a Vote for Gitschier. Trust me. After the primary, the ‘OGs’ (Other Gitschiers) made their discontent known. I found this video taken behind the Daley School the day after the September primary. This was a warning sign from the OGs to these kids parents – come November, best Vote Gitschier.

DRAFT UPDATE: new motto for Frank’s Shanks: We’re coming, and we’re bringing hell with us.

Ned’s Take: Gotta love Frank Shank’s. They’re all about four times the legal limit, entertaining one another with Lombardi-like halftime speeches. Believe it or not it got more rowdy when Samaras showed up. If Gitch can wrangle this crew, I think we can buy stock in his mission for safer streets.

One thought on “SOFC 2013 Fantasy Draft: Round 5 (Pick 13)- Frank’s Shanks selects EriK Gitschier

  1. Picture is wrong – video is wrong. How can I be expected to win this league of the Founding Fathers can’t execute my wishes. My guess is sabotage. That smell is fear. Fear of the Shanks taking this baby over the top in our inaugural season. I get it.

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