I’m with you Mike…

Puck Daddy

Milbury called Scott a “predator” and that he doesn’t belong in the NHL. He also demanded that coach Ron Rolston be fired for playing Scott at all.

He said the talk in Buffalo is that Rolston is “in over his head” as an NHL coach.

“I’ll tell you right now, he’s way over his head. In fact he’s drowning. It’s a bush league play by a coach that doesn’t know any better and doesn’t enough experience in the league and shouldn’t be afforded another game. Not one.”

Milburry is right….though it should be Buffalo that is getting kicked out of the league…not just Scott. They just keep giving paychecks to the Kaletta’s and Scott’s of the world and take no responsibility for the carnage they inflict. Steve Ott? Please. Yet when its Ryan Miller getting grazed by Lucic, they do everything but get Jessie Jackson involved as a crime against humanity. That franchise is a disgrace. That city is a disgrace. They deserve everything from Scott Norwood to the shitty winters.

Tewksbury…Apopka…it’s all the same.

Orlando Local 6

A 6-foot gator slithered up to the Apopka store’s entryway Sunday morning and stayed there, causing the automatic doors to open and close. Employees locked the door to keep the gator out while Apopka police officers tried to lure the animal away. As customers gathered around to view the alligator and take pictures, the beast took off for the woods. Officers scoured the swampy area neighboring the building, but lost sight of the alligator. The gator has not been seen since it crawled into the woods. No one was injured in the incident.

I suppose the humor in this story is Wal-Mart discriminately turning away an alligator…especially in Florida of all places. This Gator meets the standard of your typical Wal-mart patron in every way. He’s obviously unemployed, and rough around the edges from an appearance perspective. He doesn’t have a valid driver’s license and about 90% of the goods sold in store are inappropriate with regard to its current living situation. Locking the door most likely meant one less sale of a paintball gun or an inappropriately big TV. No big deal. You could layoff a cashier and a greeter and recoup that loss in slightly less than four years.
That said, my Wal-Mart experience begins and ends with a few visits to Tewksbury’s commercial Mecca. I’m pretty sure a six foot alligator roaming the aisles would barely register in your overall Wal-Mart shopping experience. It may actually enhance it depending on how many unsupervised children are on the loose.

Kim Scott is redefining the campaign game.


What the Lowell Public Schools need is the creative, innovative types making the big decisions. Someone who decides canvassing, hand shaking, and baby kissing are for sixth place losers. Someone who decides it’s much more efficient to spam the shit out of voters daily, than to physically ask for your vote. That person, is @kpemscott.

Yuengling making its way back to Mass? The Forbidden Fruit Must be Tasted!.


Boston Magazine
Massachusetts residents will no longer need to rely on their friends from surrounding states in order to get their hands on some Yuengling.

According to a report from the Banker & Tradesman, the Pennsylvania-based brewing company plans to bring their product back to Massachusetts after more than a two-decade hiatus, and beer experts expect them to do very well.

“The Massachusetts market is a tough market for people to come into because we have so much choice here. It’s really common to see a new hyped-up brand come in and sell like hot cakes for a few months but then something new comes in, and people move onto that,” said Jeff Wharton, co-founder of Drink Craft Beer, which hosts beer tastings and events, and focuses heavily on the changing beer market. “But I don’t think that will be the case for Yuengling.”

Representatives from the company, D.G. Yuengling & Son, are reportedly meeting with store owners and beer distributors this week to come up with a plan to reintroduce several types of their beers back into the state, something that is still in the preliminary stages.

To steal a quote from Mugatu, “You’ve been around for ages and ages…and I never wanted anything from you. And here in Massachusetts, we can’t have you. It’s funny how it switches like that. But now the forbidden fruit must be tasted!”

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We are the Raiders…we are what’s happ’ning now!


Move over Yankees and Habs…there’s a new sheriff in town. It’s Red Raider Cross Country. And for those in the “x-country isn’t a sport” crowd, you may be right. But serving an annual shit sandwich to the rest of the MVC is a sport, and they obviously excel at it.

Congrats fellas. I hope you’re all getting the Lance Harbor treatment around town.