SOFC 2013 Fantasy Draft: Round 4 (Pick 12)- Frank’s Shanks selects Bill Samaras

With the twelfth overall pick, Frank’s Shanks selects Bill Samaras.

Truth be told I was very hesitant to make this pick. Afraid Bill could mess up our team chemistry? But the more I thought about it, it is exactly what this developing team needs; balance. So far, with Rourke/Martin/Belanger in the Shank Bank, we have an aggressive, fun loving group. But, instincts tell me that this squadron could easily find themselves violating team policies all over the place (read: Major’s Pub). Add a Bill Samaras to the line up and those violation are down by 50%; minimum. Why? Facts don’t lie. Samaras is the village elder in this lot of 18 candidates. What has he dedicated his professional life to? Education, discipline, order and leadership. Might be just what this blossoming crew of men will need to stay on the path to glory? That said, never really liked Bill. He was the LHS Headmaster during my tenure on Father Morrisette Blvd and always resembled a curmudgeonly, old school master….well, cause he was. But need to set personal feelings aside and make sound draft decisions; I like his chances in the election and his place on the Shanks.

Ned’s Take: Interesting pick, Interesting theory. The man who watched over the heard of maniacs on Morrisette Blvd is going to somehow reign this outfit in? I say Samaras was less a Headmaster and more a Ringmaster. This scene either gets slightly better or infinitely worse.

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