SOFC 2013 Fantasy Draft: Round 4 (Pick 11)- Uncle Joey’s Banana Bread selects James Milanazzo

With the eleventh overall pick, Uncle Joey’s Banana Bread selects Jim Milanazzo

Mark: Don’t call it a comeback indeed, LL. It was only two years ago, that an ousted Sitting Mayor, was seen sulking his way out of the Blue Shamrock, dropping the Heisman treatment on inquisitive Lowell Sun reporters.

But much like the Sox went from worst to first, Jim Millinazzo is on the cusp of returning to former glory of yesteryear. Ribbon cuttings at downtown dna processing clinics, hanging at the sponsors tent at Winter Fest, being a guest of honor at the Southie Asian water festival. All of this is close enough for Jim Millinazzo to smell it. I love this pick, this late in the draft. He finished 6th overall in the preliminary election and looks to be safe for a top nine finish. This is a value pick all the way and I’m looking to be a two time champion.

Ned’s Take: Mark’s surprised Jim Milanazzo is still on the board? Probably because he’s been throwing darts at the Doyle’s through the first four rounds. He’s lucky Milzie is still on the board. That may have saved his draft.
PS. Jim Milanazzo’s buddies have to call him Milzie, right?

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