SOFC 2013 Fantasy Draft: Round 1 (Pick 2)- Uncle Joey’s Banana Bread selects Rita M. Mercier.

Uncle Joey’s Banana Bread 2nd overall pick- Rita Mercier

Mark Lynch: Where do you begin with Rita Mercier? Guaranteed 1st place finish. No doubt about it. She gives you an honest answer right or wrong, and often times unvarnished. You can’t hate that. She’s fashion forward in the council chambers, and if you call her house or see her on the street she’ll take the time to actually get back to you. Plus she freaking rapped at one of those cockamamie candidate forum nights. I don’t care what the birds over at LiL think/say/wish will happen on election day, guaranteed first place finish. You can’t find a Vegas book that even has it on the board. Plus, the extra 15 points to top it off puts me out in the lead. I traded for her last time and I think that’s the reason my last team Fuji Vice won the whole f’n thing. So now there’s only one thing left to do, go out there and win the whole f’n thing. Again.

Ned’s Take: Adrian Peterson falling to the 2nd pick is grounds for getting kicked out of any fantasy league. This may be worse.

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