What are Lowellians selling on Craigslist today?


i have 3 precious moments picture frames barely used very much like new. i need them picked up asap they are sitting around here im not using them just dont want them anymore. email only if serious interest to pick up. pick up only and cash only please.
· Location: lowell, ma

· it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests.

Hey, can you blame this person? Imagine having to walk past this thing every day, being reminded that you’re STILL waiting for a precious moment that you can capture for eternity. That’s a heavy cross to bear. Forget about the fact that this thing is built for 3 precious moments. It’s hard enough to just experience one.

So you’ll need to ask yourself if this is the type of person’s door you want to knock on? Do you want to be the guy that shows up with a crisp $10 bill and “all the precious moments you can handle?” I don’t want to be that guy. “Need Gone” to me means, “I’m fixing to lock you in my basement.” The expert’s opinion on this one is to hang on to your ten dollars. You’ll never know what’s lurking a few clicks away on Craigslist…like

6 cans of Shweppes Orange Seltzer:

6 cans of unopened orange seltzer water for $2 please come asap to get them. i dont drink it and my husband bought it and hasn’t drank them either.

· Location: lowell ma

· it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
“ASAP!” Their living situation is obviously in crisis due to the presence of these six cans of unwanted Orange Seltzer. If you ask me, I think these cans can be had for half the asking price.

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