Update: Sons of Franky Cabot- Election Fantasy Draft begins Wednesday October 30th.


While the city’s collective attention is fixed on Rodney and Ed’s campaign for Women’s rights, we thought it would be a good time to shift gears. We like to think of The Cabot as a local blog, rather than a political blog. But with an upcoming City Election in November that will define the scope of the City leadership (ie. A City Manager possibly heading to free agency, New High School, Rodney Elliott starting bikram yoga to manage stress), it can’t be ignored. So we popped over to the MrMillCity storage unit and pulled out a classic…The Lowell City Council Fantasy Draft.

We will be rolling out the results beginning Wednesday, October 30th, wrapping up on that Friday. But feel free to play along at home or in the office.

3 Teams (6 Players Per Team) (Or 6 Teams, 3 players each)
18 Players

Scoring is based off of the preliminary election seedings.
Player is worth they’re Ranking Value: (So starting out, Rita Mercier is a 1 seed, worth 1 point. Marty Lorrey 9, Genevieve Doyle 17)

1. Rita Mercier (1 Point)
2. Rodney Elliott (2 Points)
3. William F Martin (3 Points)
4. Daniel M Rourke (4 Points)
5. Ed Kennedy (5 Points)
6. James Milinazzo (6 Points)
7. William Samaras (7 Points)
8. John Leahy (8 Points) * assist to Kim Scott.
9. Marty Lorrey (9 Points)
10. Joseph Mendonca (10 Points)
11. Vesna Nuon (11 Points)
12. Corey Belanger (12 Points)
13. Erik Gitschier (13 Points)
14. Derek Mitchell (14 Points)
15. Stacie Hargis (15 Points)
16. Ven Pench (16 Points)
17. Genevieve Doyle (17 Points)
18. Frederick Doyle (18 Points)

+5 for every place of improvement.
(+10 bonus for 3 places or more)
-5 for every place dropped.
(-10 anti-bonus for 3 places or more)
+3 for any challenger finishing Top 9
+ 15 for first overall.
+5 for Second overall.
– 15 for dead last.

So, Fred Doyle is worth 18 points to start but only worth 3 points if he finishes dead last (18-15=3). But if he leap frogs Genevieve, he’s worth 23 points.

If Genevieve sticks it out at 17, she’s worth 17 points out of the gate.
Most cumulative points wins.

10 thoughts on “Update: Sons of Franky Cabot- Election Fantasy Draft begins Wednesday October 30th.

  1. Also if some local business wants to sponsor this tomfoolery starting next Wednesday we’re all ears. The last time we did this we were getting almost as much web traffic as the Lowell Sun. OK we were getting more web traffic then the Sun but I was trying to be nice.

  2. The bookie situation in Lowell is well past it’s prime but I’m thinking of a 3 man parlay. Bill Martin , Dan rourke, and Derek Mitchell. Some solid value with Mitchell. This is not exactly on topic but its close enough

  3. Even the best of them confuse Leary/Leahy

  4. Did you guys set it up so Rodney Elliott would be the worst pick on the board? The only thing he can do is fall.

  5. Kid, I blame Ned for this cockamamie set up, but it’s an added twist instead of a straight draft. If you want an omelet…..

    • Nah, I think the format is awesome. Way better than last time. It just obvious that Rodney is the worst pick on the board.

  6. I was scrambling up Central to Gorham way too early this morning to get the 6:18 train out to North Station. A white guy in his 50s with sideburns and a Kangol hat right outside of Tower News was offering me 5-2 on Gignac topping the School Committee ticket. Was tempted but was more interested in whether I could clear the South Common in time to make my train (I did).

    Will update if I see the guy again and/or if the line moves. Assuming I’ll be in less of a rush next time, I will ask about CC/SC parlays or about SC exactas and trifectas.

    • Nice long-winded, long non-incriminating story, Greg. Reading between the lines…”My local bookie is poorly dressed and gives me inflated local lines.”

      It’s not 1984 anymore…Time to start betting out of the Cayman’s like everyone else. Gignac paying 8-1 and no Kangol hat involved in the scenario whatsoever.

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