Kim Scott is redefining the campaign game.


What the Lowell Public Schools need is the creative, innovative types making the big decisions. Someone who decides canvassing, hand shaking, and baby kissing are for sixth place losers. Someone who decides it’s much more efficient to spam the shit out of voters daily, than to physically ask for your vote. That person, is @kpemscott.

5 thoughts on “Kim Scott is redefining the campaign game.

  1. Ned. Oh, Ned. “Spam the shit out of….?”

    Now, “Coakley for Senate,” THAT, my Zima chugging friend; was a door knocking, lit dropping, email spamming, robocalling bunch of fools. Did you suffer PTSD, like me?

    I got those texts, from Kim. too. Her twitter account got hacked.

    • “Her twitter account got hacked.”

      No shit, Jack…that was the joke.

      Speaking of Zima, when are we going to get together and game plan your path to a council approved committee seat? (I’ve got the Zimas, you bring the Jolly Ranchers.) We need to make this happen. I need a Tuesday night of Rodney Elliott connecting the dots on your ties to terror organizations, and I needed it yesterday.

      PS. I don’t get robo calls from Party Marty Coakley because I signed up to play for the other team. That and only suckers have land lines.

      • The “Rod Squad” can knock that one out of the park. I mean, besides Mehmed Ali, I’m the only one that has been in Mesopotamia.

        That, and I eat the hell outta any yellow cake!

        Find me at the Blue Shamrock on Nov.5th to discuss my ascension. I’ll be checking out the scantily clad bar maidens, so don’t expect me to track you toting a Z.

  2. Thank you for pointing out my lack of ability to keep my Twitter account from being hacked. I just hope that your astute observation does not lead them to cut my technology subcommittee budget.

    • No worries Kim, they only hack the great ones. And I’m hardly astute. In fact, every time I get those messages, I get excited thinking we’ve just become besties…only to sadly be redirected to someone selling me Nigerian P-notes.

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