Fare thee well Gerry Nutter’s Lowell


Lowell Sun LOWELL — The City Council approved the appointment of local blogger Gerry Nutter to the city’s Election Commission Tuesday night, even as concerns were raised by one councilor about a blog post comment Nutter wrote questioning whether a local woman was taking sexually transmitted disease medicine.

Before the council’s 7-2 vote to approve the appointment of Nutter, Councilor Rodney Elliott read from a 2011 blog post comment in which Nutter responded to a comment from a woman named Mary, whom Elliott described as a local activist.

“Are you and Prince Charming sharing STD medicine — sexually transmitted disease medicine — so it is not working yet or does your bizarre hatred for me cloud your eyesight,” Nutter wrote, according to Elliott.

“Get up from your knees, send your customer home and actually read the item,” Elliott read from Nutter’s post. “If your STD clears up, maybe your eyesight will return.”

Well sir, congratulations. You are the symbol of a blogger’s dream come true. You’ve been discovered, and rightly so. You’re on your way to the big-show. No more long bus rides. No more living out of suitcases. No more two bit floozies. It’s nothing but caviar, private jets, and smoking Cubans with Spitzer down at the Emperor’s Club from here on out.

You’re no doubt leaving behind a void in the Mill City blogosphere. I wouldn’t call it a chasm, but something big enough for Tobes to ride his 10 speed bike through. I’m “Left” with slim pickings for reading options to define the pulse of local cyber politics…and that is scary.

So fare thee well, sir. God speed. Strength and honor!

PS. In full disclosure, I can count the times I’ve been over to Gerry’s blog on one hand, but that “get up off your knees…” comment was liquid gold. It made me feel sad about missing something, like when all of you tools wouldn’t shut-up about the final season of Breaking Bad.

Double PS- I am now going to highlight the parts of all my blogs that I think should be read at a council meeting.

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