Tyngsboro is a safe place these days…unless you work in a pizza parlor with a maniac boss.


Lowell Sun
BOSTON — The former operator of a popular Tyngsboro pizza restaurant, who was sentenced to four years in state prison in 2012 for beating an employee he believed stole thousands of dollars from him, will argue that his conviction should be overturned.

In court documents filed with the state Appeals Court, Eric Sideri, former operator of Angela’s Coal Fired Pizza on Middlesex Road, claims the trial judge erred by not allowing jury to consider a lesser included offense to the assault-and-battery charge.

You know who doesn’t beat up employees for stealing money made from the sale of mediocre pizza? If you said either Destiny, Cherry, Anastasia, or Candy…you’re a 1000% correct. Sure there was the occasional locker room dust-up when Cherry occasionally hijacked one of Candy’s regulars, but they kept that in-house. No injuries, no Lowell Sun, and the show went on. Don’t run away from who you are Tyngsboro! Boobs, Bridges, and RollerSkating.

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