2013 Darwin Award nominees

(What’s left of the safe these two goofs blew up.)

HOPKINTON, N.H. —Two men were killed in an explosion Tuesday in Hopkinton when they used a torch to open a safe full of fireworks, police said.  Police said Lucas Bourke, 21, of Allenstown, and Ethan Keeler, 21, of Epsom, were killed in the explosion in a detached workshop at New Yard Landscaping on Farrington Corner Road in Hopkinton.  Investigators said the men were using an oxy-acetylene cutting torch to try to get into a safe that contained fireworks. That led to the explosion and the men’s deaths, police said.   Investigators said the attempt to cut open the 4-foot-high, concrete-lined safe ignited the fireworks. The safe was blown through the building, landing outside — proof of how powerful the blast was.

You think these two were pre med students?  Shame two people died but let this be a lesson to people, don’t break into people’s houses and businesses.  You never know what kind of trouble YOU might be in for.  Dummies.


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