Nashua bans playground tag…what?


Nashua Telegraph

NASHUA – In the game of tag at the Charlotte Avenue Elementary School, no one gets to be “it.”

The elementary school has banned kids from playing the childhood game during recess, tagging safety as a concern.

“We want them running, we want them jumping and releasing the energy, but just in a safe way,” Principal Patricia Beaulieu said.

Last week, Beaulieu posted a letter on the school’s website and on a school Facebook group informing parents of the school’s safety policies.

One day, society will celebrate Nashua banning the game of tag like Budweiser drinkers celebrate the repeal of the 21st amendment. Prohibition era really was the coming of age era for social drinking, and all it took was a minor act of congress to remove that last little detail casting a shadow over the lifestyle. Today? It’s the same thing, only we’re swapping out the ABV for LBS. We’ve developed a society that is hedonism for fat asses and all that is left to do is to completely shut down any opportunity for all those holier than thou health nuts to ruin all this splendor. “What’s that, skinny kid with lots of energy? You want to play tag? Fine, no more recess for you until the onset of juvenile diabetes. We don’t need anyone burning calories or getting injured at school.”

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