This guy is a COMPLETE Momo (YouTube Gold)

Lemme axe you sumtin’ Johnathan, are you aware you’re going to lose your “free spot” permanently really soon?  That lot is in the process of being transferred to the city as a part of the Hamilton canal project.  You’re not supposed to be parking there overnight anyway.  It’s a free visitors lot for people VISITING the National Park, not  people who live at 256 Market Street.  I hope the Lowell Police see this and tow his truck over the weekend.  Oh and nothing limits your earning potential to Mcminimum wage quite like double neck tattoos. 

Thanks to Teddy Panos and WCAP listener Kathleen from Lowell for sending this gem along. 

2 thoughts on “This guy is a COMPLETE Momo (YouTube Gold)

  1. Guy gets free parking in a lot he shouldn’t even be parking in, it’s for national park visitors only except that you find all comers parking there all the time due to lax enforcement. At least he had a good attitude about it all and wasn’t all ticked off as he’d have no right to be.

    I even heard a story once that someone bought a condo nearby and was told a story by the realtor or unit owner that the unit came with a space or the right to park in this lot and the purchaser was not too happy when he found out after the fact that it wasn’t the case when he was all moved in and everything. Bunch of years ago when the park was fully staffed, they’d even have a ranger in the lot all day making sure it opened at 8:30, only visitors were allowed in, and then it was locked up at end of day.

    By the way, UML is preseason #1 in the USCHO poll that was posted earlier this week. See you at the opener on Friday 10/11!

  2. RC,

    I’ll be camping this weekend so me and the Missus will be at the opener in spirit. I don’t know if he’s attitude is good or he’s just clueless. Maybe a bit of both?

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