Eric Holthaus is bat shit.

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So evidently Eric Holthaus is bidding adieu to the friendly skies after reading The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) latest report.  But that doesn’t make him bat shit.  The fact that this beta male broke down in tears in an airport before boarding his last flight doesn’t make him bat shit.  The fact that he lives in Wisconsin and will never again go anywhere warm in the dead of winter because of his self imposed embargo on flying doesn’t even make him bat shit.  What does make him bat shit?  This guy’s thinking of getting a vasectomy to save the planet. 

Upon being informed by a fellow global warming enthusiast that an artist had herself sterilized to help save the planet, Holthaus, apparently not one to be outdone, replied that he was thinking of having a vasectomy himself.

Vasectomy: His last tweet toys with the idea of getting sterilised

To that I say good.  The less whiny vegan beta males on earth the better.  This silly bitch needs a t-bone and some jiu-jitsu.  In the worst way.  As fast as possible.  Toughen up.   More of his nonsense tweets below.   

Holthaus explained his decision in a series of tweets yesterday. It’s hard not to find it compelling.




2 thoughts on “Eric Holthaus is bat shit.

  1. I’ll give anyone a certain baseline of credit for really living up to whatever they’re saying, even if it’s a bit on the kooky side.

    I’m tired of celebrities telling ME to save energy while living in 20,000 square-foot homes. Ditto for celebs who scream about CEO-line worker wage gap, but stay mum on the headliner-to-stagehand wage gap, which is far more staggering.

    I’m tired of models giving supposedly-courageous TED talks about how “beauty isn’t that important” and then turning around and continuing to monetize their beauty.

    I’m tired of billionaires giving speeches about how money is more effective when it’s redistributed…and then continuing to sit on their massive fortunes.

    Even if I think Ralph Nader is a bit out there sometimes, I’ve admired him since I learned that he actually caps his annual income at a certain cutoff level — anything he makes beyond that #, from honorariums, book royalties or whatever — he simply gives away.

    If a Hollywood star wanted to sell his big lakehouse in Italy in exchange for an efficiency in Van Nuys, I’d really respect that. And if this Holthaus guy REALLY lives by his flight ban or his vasectomy idea, then props to him…but I won’t hold my breath on either.

  2. Greg I couldn’t agree more. The one I always think of is Al Gore’s house side by side against Bush 43’s ranch in Crawford, TX. 43 has geothermal, and all kinds of energy effiency in place. Didn’t hold a presser so not too many people are aware. Also the other one is Matt Damon who was part of the 99% but still does voiceover work for the 1%er banks. Hypocrite much? Holthaus is a beta, he won’t follow through. He just means well which I’m sure is good enough at the brie and wine socials he attends raising money for the Dem elite in Wisconsin.

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