Excuse me sir, is that goat wearing a seat belt?


A Connecticut man is in custody after a video of him shoving a goat in his car trunk was shown to police.  Ernesto Rodriguez, 36, of East Hartford, was arrested and charged with animal cruelty and breach of peace.  Rodriguez purchased the goat from the Middlesex Livestock auction. He then shoved the goat in his trunk and drove to his home, 30-minutes away, according to authorities.  The witness who took the video alarmed state police, who then tracked him to his home and arrested him.  While investigating, the Department of Agriculture found more than a goat.  “We learned there were also five chickens in the trunk of the car,” said George Krivda Jr. who works for the department.


See what happens when you outlaw chickens?  Only outlaws will then stuff them in their trunk with a newly purchased goat.  Bad form Ernesto.  Bad form.  Read the rest of Ernesto’s half ass misguided foray into urban farming here.  I have to wonder if those chickens were some the ones unceremoniously rounded up after the backyard chicken people lost the good fight a couple of weeks ago at city hall.  Damn shame.

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