CNAG Meet the Candidates Night…Where glamour politics go to die.

20131001-101601.jpgDoes it get any better than selling out for local city politics? Look at that crew sitting there. Burning a Monday night at Dom Polski, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to do their best to get another group of insane people (willing to burn a Monday night at Dom Polski) to clap for you. It’s a hell of a commitment.

I’m not sure how Mark was able to secure a press credential for this red carpet event, but I don’t ask questions. I just gleefully await his tweets. Here’s the recap and some of my thoughts if you weren’t able to clear your calendar:20131001-080947.jpg
Clutch performance by Marty Lorrey, fitting all his “favorite movies” in a 2 minute window. He’s a vet now. The Dom Polski crowd was no doubt impressed by that experience on display.

20131001-110616.jpg in keeping with his stance on local code enforcement, the local fire code at Dom Polski doesn’t permit the standard Fred Doyle entrance of lasers and dry ice smoke. Naturally he sat this one out.

20131001-114040.jpg Whoa! “Pump the breaks, Chief!” The new guy pulls out the filibuster when the room’s maximum attention span expired just past the one minute marker. At the very least, it’s sending a message to Rita that there’s a new Sheriff of Longwind.

20131001-135133.jpg “The 70’s, Mid-coke, pre aids, the best period in American history.”- Adam Carolla. I hear you, Ed…the 70’s were awesome.

20131001-141815.jpgWow Rodney, that’s ballsy. Surprised to here that considering your sitting in the middle of the “local taliban’s” cave. Veteran play, sir.

20131001-162052.jpg If Centraville and the Acre were clean, then these fine aristocrats wouldn’t want to stay in prison. There’s certain places in this city where esthetics go to die and we’re all better off for it. Trust me.

20131001-163835.jpg. Finally, a candidate willing to step outside the box, favoring economic growth and investment over cuts. It’s such an unpopular position, but impossibly honest and refreshing.

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