Another season of underdog status for the Chiefs…


Could it be? It is. We have found polling results that are actually less believable than Tuesday night’s council primary. The Chiefs are given a measly preseason bronze? The only way I can comprehend this rubbish is if the USHCO interns accidentally emailed the poll to all those illiterates down at Quinnipiac. Looks like Marty’s Party is going to have to take a few more NCAA scalps this season. Perhaps maybe even build a few more buildings just for the hell of it.

7 thoughts on “Another season of underdog status for the Chiefs…

  1. This is last year’s final poll that reflects post-NCAA tournament vote. USCHO pre-season poll is not out yet although UML is #1 in all other pre-season national polls released to date.

    GO UML

  2. Tobes, Riverchief isn’t screwing around. Just big timed you in our house, and you let that slide?!? No way the hens at LiL let that through.

    • RiverChief can lead our pow-wow anytime.

      • No problem guys. Let’s hope they stay focused, stick to the program and system like last season, and are in Philadelphia come April. They have to ignore the hype and just stick to business.

        Off to go put a bid in now on the CLOCK vaseline, wish me luck.

      • Meant Craigslist not clock. Stupid auto correct.

  3. No worries RC. You’re welcome here anytime.

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