Check out MY photo.


Check out this photo from the candidates forum the other night? Pretty pathetic, huh. Looks like a crowd shot from a mid July Revolution game. Anyway, I had a pretty clever (in my mind, anyway) blog post raring to go that’s now irrelevant because I decided to take the time to ask permission to use the above photo. Never again….especially for f’all pictures like this. From now on, I’m declaring The Cabot a pirate ship when it comes internet photos and art. You want credit for your work, you need to hunt us down and ask beg for it. Arghhh!

11 thoughts on “Check out MY photo.

  1. Doughy blogs? That’s got to be either nutter or lupien. I’m hoping it’s the latter given how much of a loser she was when the sun snagged that Jen Myers photo. That was good for 16 blogs.

  2. This photo came late in the event. It’s short by about 10-15 people. Much better?

    As for pirate related paraphernalia, Dee Tension’s FB page wins, hands down, me bucko.

  3. So the photographer takes a picture of an event; you need a picture of that event; you use the picture taken by the photographer. From each according to his ability, to each according to his need. That’s not piracy, that’s Communism.

  4. It’s just a silly photo. It’s not an Ansel Adams or an unreleased photo of Marilyn Monroe and it sure doesn’t rate as a money shot. These amateur photographers need to get over themselves. We’re living in the Obama era. What’s mine is mine and what’s yours in mine. Funny how these folks don’t mind taking the money from my paycheck to fund their liberal agenda but stop the presses when one of their precious photos is taken without their permission. According to our President everything belongs to everybody. So Share and like it or they’ll start listening to your phone calls.

  5. There once was a “pundit” name Jack
    Who felt “Old Lowell” was all in the sack
    Control is his game
    But trying it on Cabot is lame
    As Anonymous I’ll give it right back

    And Thanks for the shout out Tobes. Much appreciated.

  6. You know you’ve “made it” as a local blogger when you’re getting customized Limerick’s thrown at you. Well, done Jack. You’re now sitting in the VIP section with the “Man from Nantucket.”

  7. Not sure what all the fuss is about because according to the owner of LiL no one even reads us.

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