Alive. Unique. Inspiring.

If you were wondering what’s going into the old Gary’s Ice cream parlor on Merrimack and Dutton Street that then turned into a cell phone store then wonder no more.  Need a DNA test to see if “you da baby daddy” or not?  Or maybe you want to find out if that “skeezah” you met down Molly Kay’s is your long-lost cousin before going on a date?  Look no further!!  MVP Testing is moving in!!!  The Chamber of Commerce is even having a ribbon cutting at 2pm on October 11th!!!  No word on if Maury will be there to sign your test results as of yet.  Bringing families together no matter how psyched you are!!!  Awesome!!  I’m hoping they’re running a two for one special as a welcome to the neighborhood deal.  So convenient for high school students and  trolley riding tourists.  Just get a cheek swab, hit up Fuse for some lunch, and then go and find out what the deal is!!!  I for one think this is a fantastic message and image for a city “on the come” as they say in Vegas.   

6 thoughts on “Alive. Unique. Inspiring.

  1. I was hoping for another cash for gold shop.

  2. Ahh yes! The spoils of championing small business!

  3. Downtown finally has that anchor tenant we’ve been waiting for. They’re probably going to have to expand the connector for this thing.

  4. Well played Marty. Well played.

  5. I, like everyone else who’s been beating the “gotta support small business” drum either needs to go take a lap, or voluntarily support these businesses. Since I’ve got my pockets lined with greenbacks from dropping off my wife’s jewelry box at CashforGold, I may as well voluntarily have my kids tested.

    Why get your DNA tested at big box stores when you can go support the charming little guy right here in historic downtown Lowell?

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