Not the Chelmsford Football I used to know…


CHELMSFORD, Mass. (AP) ā€” Authorities are investigating an alleged hazing incident by a Massachusetts high school football team at a New Hampshire summer camp.

Officials say the alleged incident took place at the end of August when members of the Chelmsford High School football team attended Camp Robindel in Moultonborough, New Hampshire.

Not the Chelmsford I used to know. Not the Chelmsford that used to count MVC crowns in twos, and the Chelmsford that out-of-town kids used to accuse of “fertilizing the turf with steroids.” Hazing? Please. You think an elephant walk or broom stick in the bum at Camp Robindel could slow down those lion squads? It just made them tougher.

It’s clearly the dawn of a different era. We’re learning that new bleachers and field turf are things that now lead the scrapbooks & yearbooks of our neighbors, and the only squad in the league with some stones plays on Douglas Road.

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