Good News for cider drinkers!!!

(lifted with love from the Lowell Sun)

BOSTON (AP) — Massachusetts officials say some apple growers are reporting a strong crop and some above-average sized fruit as the picking season begins following a tough 2012.

The state says more than 100 varieties of apples are grown at the state’s roughly 370 apple farms. McIntosh, Gala and Cortland are among the most common.

Last year, New England had a dismal apple crop, after apple blossoms sprouted during a warm April then were killed off by a frost.

Read the full article here.  As someone who would drink ONLY Harpoon cider if I had one choice for the rest of my life this is excellent news.  Harpoon knows whats up.  Blend of local apples, check the ingredients: fermented apples and yeast.  The end.  No colors, perservatives, sulfites.  Bring it on!!!

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