“Are you not entertained?!”

Lowell Sun

Market Basket CEO Arthur T. Demoulas is suing both family rival Arthur S. Demoulas and the grocery chain itself, arguing that an independent member of the board of directors is not truly independent because he previously served as a member appointed by Arthur S.’s side of the family.

The lawsuit, filed in Suffolk Superior Court on Thursday, adds a new chapter to the long-running battle between two factions of the Demoulas family.

These Demoulas lads are really pushing the envelope with our collective attention span. No offense fellas, but Tastee O’s aren’t good enough to care this much about a grocery store. I’m going to tap out on this one unless the Arthurs decide to change the terms of this contest…winner gets claim to the name Arthur. Loser gets something lame like “Phil.” No more Arthur T’s and Arthur S’…just Arty and Phil.

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