In other news, it took 30 years for the media to unearth the most obvious secret on earth.

Did Bobby Riggs intentionally lose the famous “Battle of the Sexes’’ tennis match in 1973 against Billie Jean King?

A report on Sunday by ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” speculates that Riggs, who died in 1995, may have thrown the match in order to repay a reported $100,000 gambling debt to the mafia. The report cites a conversation allegedly overheard by an assistant golf instructor in the pro shop at a course in Tampa in the early 1970s that featured several mafia figures discussing how Riggs would set up the fix for a match with King.

Of course Bobby Riggs threw the match against Billy Jean King. I always thought that was known? I think the more outrageous tidbit in this story was the Vegas actually had a line on it? It was probably right in the wheel house of the same losers that bet on preseason football.

Look, I’m a feminist. I believe what makes this country great is our deep talent pool. More importantly, creation of more dual income households is good for business. If this sham was really the shot in the arm that the women’s equality movement needed, than amen for that. But if you really believe that a touring men’s pro lost to BJK, you need to see a doctor about getting your extra chromosome removed.

In Men’s vs Women’s professional sports, the gulf in Tennis is probably the largest. (Note: Parallel Parking is not a sport.). Speed, Spin, and Power is unparalleled in the men’s game. Billy Jean would need Venus & Serena’s chemist and one of those Michael Chang Penn racquets to even hope to return a serve.

3 thoughts on “In other news, it took 30 years for the media to unearth the most obvious secret on earth.

  1. Lol, on the parallel parking.

  2. Riggs was a prolific degenerate. Him NOT fixing the match is more far fetched.

    Great blog BTW.

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