Boston City Councilor Stephen Murphy is a “jackass” Union Shill

BOSTON – Dana White is no stranger to political battles, but the latest efforts from Boston City Council President Steve Murphy – a man White refers to as a “jackass” – have left the UFC president incensed.

“The ball-kicking continues, even once we get here,” White told “This Murphy guy. You elect a politician to hopefully go out and bring in jobs, create revenue in your city, bring in events that bring revenue to your city. This guy comes out and he’s saying all this (bleeping) stuff like ’18 and under’ (not allowed at the event) and all this other stuff they’re doing to us.

“Then sure enough, this hearing, 25 of the Culinary Union members are there. And this guy busts out a video of Chael Sonnen talking about Anderson Silva in Brazil. First of all, this is the fight business. This isn’t the nice business. This is the fight business.

“And when people ask me about it, I’m like, ‘Wait a minute. We’re in Boston, aren’t we? Don’t the Patriots play here? (Bleeping) Aaron Hernandez just murdered somebody and possibly murdered two other people. Are the Patriots going to get chased out of town now? Are they going to do 18 and under?'”

More from the USA Today article here.

After a public hearing this week Murphy sorta relented and said OK no one under 16 can go to MMA events in Boston.  So Dana White’s question still stands in light of Aaron Hernandez should we not allow kids under 16 to go to Pats games?  I’ve asked Murphy on twitter if he realizes that Kids younger than 16 actually TRAIN in mixed martial arts.  I see them at my school on Mondays and Wednesdays.  I’ve grappled with some of them.  They hear things worse than Chael Sonnen selling a fight on any hip hop album.  Are we going to say they can’t listen to that too?  Where does it end Councilor Murphy you Union Shill?  So next time when the UFC is coming to Massachusetts I hope they do an outdoor show in Foxboro so Dana can stick it up your ass and the city of Boston loses out on all that revenue.  Providence must be pumped at that idea.  All that money from hotels, bars, and restaurants going to them instead of Boston.  If you don’t think Dana White and the Fertita brothers wouldn’t do something like that to prove a point you obviously don’t know who they are at all.

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