They just hand those CFO titles to anyone these days.

Lowell Sun
LOWELL — The Lowell Housing Authority’s chief financial officer is facing drug charges after he was caught allegedly purchasing two ounces of marijuana at Tewksbury gas station last month.
CFO Adam Garvey, of 113 Burnham Road in Lowell, was arrested at the Mobil on The Run at 1785 Andover Street in Tewksbury last month and charged with possession of Class D drugs and conspiracy to violate drug laws.
Garvey initially told Tewksbury Police he did not purchase any drugs from Alessandro Maccanico of Woburn. He later admitted to purchasing $480 worth of marijuana from Maccanico in Garvey’s 2007 Ford Edge.

Well, this story is troublesome. How can you not question a guy’s qualifications as a Chief Financial Officer after something like this. I can barely balance a checkbook, but even I know that you don’t patronize Tewksbury Gas stations on any day other than Sunday. I don’t care if you’re there for a Dunky’s iced coffee or two pounds of weed, If you’re not getting six cents off on your fill-up, you’re an idiot. A certified moron.

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