Wanted: Clean cut, sober (appearing) individuals to join me in Lowell’s Bike lanes.

20130806-071646.jpg(Yes, that’s my LRTA bike rack buddy.)

Let’s be honest, Lowell is not exactly Copenhagen yet with respect to bike traffic. We went to the trouble of painting these fancy lines that to this point, are doing more to confuse elderly drivers than promoting safe pedal commuting.

It’s getting lonely out there folks. I could use some company. I’m not asking for a peloton escort to the train station. I’m just thinking it would be nice for friends and acquaintances to see me out there and not assume I got a DUI in the last 6th months. Don’t do it for the environment. Don’t do it for your love handles, or your wallet. Do it for me.

5 thoughts on “Wanted: Clean cut, sober (appearing) individuals to join me in Lowell’s Bike lanes.

  1. I promise not to assume anything about DUI for you if you promise to do the same for me 😉 (One of my co-workers is fond of teasing me and telling me that the only adults who ride bikes in Puerto Rico are drunks who have lost their licenses.)

    • Done! I actually had a neighbor that takes the same train offer me rides. She was bewildered when I told her that I had perfectly good car at home in the driveway and that I bike for pleasure.

      We’ll have to come up with a special wave among the non DUI riders, kind of like how people with Jeeps wave at each other.

  2. Also, my Henrietta often looks like your neighbor’s bike – Lowellians seem to believe that a bike basket = rubbish barrel.

  3. I didn’t know those were bike lanes. I thought they were safety zones for can pickers.

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