Give me strength. Give me perseverance. Give me a man who can stare adversity in the face and laugh like a comic book villain. Give me Darius Mitchell for Lowell City Council 2013.

20130806-132254.jpgLOWELL — A former Future City Council candidate is being held without bail championed after being accused by his former girlfriend hopeful citizens of Lowell, who has taken out seven restraining orders against him willingly handed over their signatures, of violating the latest restraining order by calling her 24 times in less than 24 hours for his candidacy for the Lowell City Council.
In Lowell District Court On the steps of City Hall, Darius Mitchell, 40, pleaded not guilty pitched the finer points of his campaign on Monday to violation of a restraining order for a March 19 incident November’s election.
Mitchell allegedly called the victim twice while police to handle the mobs of excited voters who were at the scene.
Police Opponents have unsuccessfully tried to contact match Mitchell’s vigor and enthusiasm when it comes to multiple times at multiple addresses to serveing him with a restraining order a woefully underwhelmed voting public.

Thanks for the assist Lowell Sun…and our local tipsters.

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