Can I get me a Drone Huntin’ License here?!?!


It was almost nine years ago that our current Secretary of State then candidate for President walked into an Ohio bait shop and asked “Can I get me a huntin’ license here?”  ( I don’t like Rush but he still plays the audio which is hilarious,  so save it.He then proceeded to hunt geese in a swing state in an effort to convince the plebeians that he’s just like we are, and if you vote for me you can keep your guns.  I looked all over for the audio or video but Kerry must have had it scrubbed as it’s not one of his finer moments.

So when I was told by a friend on Facebook last night that PETA is looking to get their own drones to stalk hunters and farmers my immediate thought was if I was out on a hunting trip and one of those drones from PETA cost me venison by spooking a deer I was stalking or getting ready to aim at the next thing I’d do is shoot that thing down.  Without question.  I’d also drag that thing back to my vehicle and smash it into little bits and toss it in the nearest trash barrel.  I’m a meat eater.  Always have been, and recently (last three years or so) I’ve taken a greater interest in what I choose to eat.  I read labels, I prefer to shop at Farmers Markets, I also prefer the taste of “wild” and free range animals over the ones that spend their lives in cages with a bunch of hormones and other things pumped into them so they can be grown quicker, bigger, fatter, and cheaper.  It’s my choice.  I find it hypocritical to just go to a super market and exchange a piece of paper or plastic with numbers on it without getting my hands dirty at some point.  We’ve become to far removed from the process of living creature to the dinner plate in my opinion. 

So when I heard about the good people of Deer Trail, Colorado getting together to start issuing Drone Hunting licenses it just made my day a little better.  So I say to the town of Deer Trail, CO a Sons of Franky Cabot tip of the cap to you all.  I can’t stand PETA and their constant headline grabbing, whining, and general douchebaggery.  I wish you many downed drones in your immediate future.

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