What’s the big deal here?

There are black student organizations, Asian student organizations, Hispanic student organizations, hell even a Congressional Black Caucus.  I don’t see an issue with any of that.  Boys in the Boy Scouts, girls in the girl scouts.  No problem.  So why do people freak out when a couple of kids start a “White Student Union“?  When did being proud of one’s heritage while also being white become a problem? I feel like I always miss these memos.   Now if you can prove that this is a veiled KKK group or something fine, but again the pussification of America is real people.  The UFC Heavyweight Champion of the World Cain Velasquez has a “Brown Pride” tattoo on his chest.

MMA: UFC 146-Velasquez vs Silva

  He’s a proud Mexican American.  Good for him.   But I’m going out on a limb and say that if some new hotshot Heavyweight showed up with a “White Pride” tattoo and similar reasoning with no ties to the KKK I’m guessing Al Sharpton, Tim Wise, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the rest of the race hustlers might have an issue with it.  The double standards in our popular culture is assotounidng and completely patheic.

2 thoughts on “What’s the big deal here?

  1. you sound stupid dude. I heard a scientist say that because whites can’t produce melanin they lack more then skin they lack the spirit of a actual real hue man beings. your posting proves this. we were COLONIZED BY WHITES & you think its ok to have a WHITE UNION!??! WTF?! That’s why ya get ya’ll ass kicked when ya come into our community. you comparing the KKK to Indigenous native’s stfu.

  2. Read it again. I said if it’s a pride group great but if it’s proven to be a KKK-esque group shut them down. We should all be able to be proud of our heritage. Not just non-whites. I don’t get my ass kicked anywhere. You’re community? Is that what we’re calling Mom’s basement now?

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