Camp Emerson in Hinsdale…is every Dad’s dream.

20130730-154838.jpgWESTPORT, Conn. (AP) — The parents of a 15-year-old Connecticut girl sued a summer camp in Massachusetts on Monday, saying their daughter was kicked out of camp last month after a boy kissed her.
The girl was sent home from Camp Emerson in Hinsdale and a camp official falsely accused her and the boy of sexually provocative behavior, according to the lawsuit filed in Bridgeport Superior Court. It also says she suffers from emotional and psychological disorders including obsessive compulsive disorder.
Neither the girl nor her parents are named in the suit. The boy was also kicked out of camp, said Rosemarie Arnold, attorney for the girl’s family. Sue Lein, the camp director, declined to comment.

Let me see if I have this right. Camp Emerson’s intervention in young “Jane’s” sexual awakening inflicted significant emotional distress, but living with parents who would seek legal intervention in their pursuit of deflowering their child has had no impact at all? Well, then. Why even bother seating a jury? Let’s cut these folks a check and get on with it.

The fact of the matter is that it doesn’t matter how much money Camp Emerson has to fork over to these nut job parents. They’re going to make it up ten-fold by renaming it “Camp Chastity” and bilking terrified Dad’s like myself that are looking for anything short of an electric fence to keep our daughters…”our” daughters. God Bless’em! I’m already looking at plans to build a moat around my next house. From what I can tell it’s only a matter of securing a zoning variance and an excavator rental…and in Lowell, that’s as good as a lay-up. Until then, I’m going to be socking away my Camp Chastity Tuition and organizing a Dad carpool to Hinsdale for a campus visit.

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