Angst in Centralville!?!


(lifted from the Lowell Sun)

According to last weeks Column Jack Mitchell may be rubbing people the wrong way. My response- And? How’s that news?!? People who fancy themselves as city politicos of all stripes rub each other the wrong way all the time. If Jack Mitchell likened some of the neighborhood activists to the Taliban, so what? Are we really that thinly skinned? As a society, we really are becoming softer than baby shit.

During a recent appearance on WCAP, I referred to one neighborhood leader as a “petty tyrant.” Well, SHE IS! When your actions are intended to suppress an issue from an agenda because you don’t like it, you’re using what little power you have in a tyrannical manner. It’s my right to call her that. It’s her right to go on thinking people should bow to her whims. It’s also your right to make up your own mind and set her straight. Or not. Choice is yours. That’s not for me to decide.

Back to Mitchell. My track record as a neighborhood advocate speaks for itself. Moreover, I advance myself only through the good graces of my neighbors. When a perceived internet tough guy over at some blog most of the city either doesn’t know about, or doesn’t read, it barely even registers.  But that’s me.  Others in this city seem to have no problem doing as they wish but as soon as someone like Mitchell calls them on it (even if it is ham fisted) cry foul and complain.  Againare people that thin skinned?

The fact is that the perceived insults of some loud mouth doesn’t really bother me. UNLESS Mitchell is on to something and his commentary hits a little too close to home? You can call me every name in the book…be my guest. You took time out of your day to think about me. Not the other way around. If you don’t like me, no one is sticking a gun to your head to read this or any other site. I don’t like lots of stuff on TV, so I don’t watch it. I don’t have enough down time to worry about the stuff I don’t like. So I focus on the stuff I do like. One last point-

“Mitchell declined to discuss the issue except to say: “My word choice was deliberate, but ham-fisted. My provocative rhetoric is intended to spur a vibrant discussion of Lowell’s city charter. A few, but well funded voices, are busily extolling the virtues of a Plan A (strong mayor) city government. The activists that grind it out, day in-day out, in neighborhood groups are a testament to the true direction Lowell needs to move: to a modified Plan E that allows the Council to have both at-Large and neighborhood elected representation.”

I’ve never ever heard of a time Jack Mitchell refused to give an opinion on anything. I wonder if it’s because he didn’t like the venue? Which is to say it wasn’t on his terms. Jack you’re free to comment here. We won’t edit them at all and let them be judged on their merits- good or bad.

2 thoughts on “Angst in Centralville!?!

  1. Funny thing. True story. The Centralville sign, that you see above, is in a garden that is primarily tended to by the love of my life. Maybe two, maybe 3 years ago, she, and a few others, painted it to look as you see it now.

    Let me ask you. Does that sign remind you of Imperial Japan, circa 1940?

    Shortly after the sign was refreshed, we were approached to repaint the sign. Some in Lowell viewed the sign and were reminded, thus offended, of the Rising Sun from WWII.

    Too bad. So sad. That was NOT the intent of the color pallet. Next.

    Aren’t we busy doing stuff? Aren’t there things we could discuss and commit energy too?

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