Kiss 108 is no fun. AT. ALL.

“Boston’s Kiss 108 FM has officially canceled a contest where the winner would get to take a picture backstage with Taylor Swift. The winner turned out to be a “creepy’ 39-year-old man named Charles who intended to troll Swift after securing his victory with the help of 4chan, Reddit and spambot votes.

Earlier this month, someone posted a message on his behalf on 4chan:

“My creepy 39-year-old friend named Charles would like to crush all those girls’ dreams (and then sniff Taylor Swift’s hair cos he’s into that) by winning this instead… Help him crush the dreams of these girls and give him a chance to make a complete a** of himself by blatantly just sniffing her hair with the cameras rolling.'”

Seriously Kiss108?  You just blew a chance to be the lead story on TMZ and have a hiliarious viral video.  I bet Charles isn’t “creepy”, I bet he’s just misunderstood.  Full article below. 

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