Dog v. Raccoon with a run in (YouTube Gold)

This is the founder of Digg Kevin Rose and his dog Toaster.  A couple of things though, no self respecting full grown man owns a “poo” dog.  Maltapoo, Cockapoo, whateverpoo.  That’s an old lady dog.  Toaster belongs in a beach house in Boca with an old Grandma.  Get a real dog bro.  Do you know how many lab mixes there are in shelters? Or a Beagle like Chief, a Bulldogge like Brutus (RIP brother I still miss you), or a Red Nose like my new dog Gronk who’s an absolute wildman.  Just full tilt, full time.  Just goes one speed.  Doesn’t give just one kiss, he gives you 801 kisses.  Home boy chews on moose antlers like it’s his job.  Back to Kevin though.  Nice run in.  All he needed was the steel chair to save Toaster from the Brock Lesnar style beat down that Raccoon was laying on his pooch.  He winged that thing down the stairs and somehow managed to not get rabies or that virus that killed Gwyneth Paltrow in Contagion.  He’s a real dog owner.  I question your choice in dog Kevin but applaud your moxie in defending that little ankle biter.   

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