Whitey Bulger- Pederist?

COWBOY whitey

(Cowboy Whitey)

We break away from the news of the royal birth to let you know that today in Federal court Stevie “The Rifleman” Flemmi accused Whitey Bulger of being a Pedo in court.  Woah.  Talk about the plot thickening.  I think amid all this Royal birth, Kardashian, and one of those goofs from One Direction buying a $2M bottle of champagne nonsense we’re missing the trial of the century.  Wish this was on Court TV.

Closer to home in the Mill City this scumbag was arrested for sexual assault on a six year old.  We all do some “dumb things” when drunk Randy.  But touching kids?  That’s a far cry from Roman candle fights in the highlands at 2am.  Enjoy prison.

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