What’s for sale today on Craigslist in Lowell?

Jul 22 Lot of Hotel soaps $2 (Lowell) pic health and beauty – by owner

Lot of hotel soaps, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion
alot are bath and body works brand
asking $2.00 for all
exact cash please
as I do not have change

· Location: Lowell

· it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests.

I have to imagine this poster isn’t hip to the Craigslist protocol where you delete postings once they are no longer available…because there’s no chance that a haul like this hasn’t been claimed already. I almost don’t want to repost this because I fear my $2.00 bid is not going to hold up. Once bidding goes beyond that $3.00 mark, I’m not sure I can meet the requirement for “exact cash.”

PS. Best part about hotel toiletries is obviously the conditioner. It’s the only time I ever bother using conditioner, and my hair is unstoppable every time. I figure it’s I my way of building in a little luxury to the experience. If I were to try it home, I doubt the results would be the same and my wife would have a million questions regarding the change in routine. It’s a tell.

3 thoughts on “What’s for sale today on Craigslist in Lowell?

  1. Excellent! Now I won’t have to check into the Caswell to get my toiletries. And for $2!

  2. Yeah, but the caswell has such a variety of “other products” that it probably wouldn’t be worth the extra trip.

  3. I have WAY more stuff than this! Think I can get $5 for it??

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