Sons of Franky Cabot Official Press Release

I am officially declaring the SonsofFrankyCabot position on the matter of the 2013 Lowell Folk Festival as being “Pro” Having a Good Time. Despite what our friends over at LeftinLowell or the Lowell Sun will suggest, it is ok to go to the Folk Festival this year, and if the mood strikes you, have a good time. We’re not ready to hand over the keys to Lowellpalooza to a bunch of PCU Alumni. If you find that your spirit is lacking, and your mello is being harshed by the Fun PD, you’ll find us hippy dancing the shit out of this year’s Fest and would love to expand our circle. We won’t be bumming everyone out with chatter about “this year wasn’t as good as last year” and “these bands could be better.” Consider us your purveyors of Rainbows and Sunshine from here until next Monday.

10 thoughts on “Sons of Franky Cabot Official Press Release

  1. Game. Set. and Match.

  2. If the shine is off the folk fest, I’d be happy to point the finger at Back Yard Chickens?…What a shit-show that blog is. I can’t even make sense of what anyone is talking about.

  3. There’s no worse species on the planet than those who complain about a party. That’s the last time I will ever click on a leftielowell link…you’ve been warned Ned.

  4. You’ll get no arguement here Eddie. But look at it this way, we’ll read their site and make fun of it so you don’t have to.

  5. ….oh thank you !this is gonna be fun….

    “But look at it this way, we’ll read their site and make fun of it so you don’t have to.”

  6. LiL is the same ten people chatting with each other lately. Why don’t they just meet for coffee fer chrissakes. Free up a little bit more of the Internet for us. Oh that’s right the Internet is a big place isn’t it Jack?

    • It is so big, I don’t notice this blog until Jen Myers mentions it on Lowell Live Feed. When Tobes crashed on my pad, it didn’t even dawn on me who he was. Please do put Ned in the batter’s box more often, fellas.

      That said, PC, you’re correct. LiL is getting stale. The trap is, commenters that use their names are timid. Commentors that wear masks can, from time to time, can cross the line. Finding a workable mix … ?

      The Bubble is a tiny place.

      • Is it me or does Jack write like he’s communicating on a Walkie Talkie? I didn’t follow any of that at all…something about Ned in a batters box, bubbles…me crashing at his pad?

        One thing is for sure, I’ve never crashed at Jack’s pad…my wife can vouch for me. Not that I’m judging, Jack, I’m flattered, maybe in another life.

  7. We’ve been open for about two weeks now, so we’ll forgive the oversight on your part. Ned’s a busy guy though. Those Zima’s at the beach with underage girls won’t drink themselves….

  8. Getting stale? My toasted bread was a little stale this morning but at least it was palatable.

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