Centraville is like Florida for Aging Henchmen

20130722-124614.jpgAt approximately 1:30 AM on July 20, 2013, the Lowell Police Emergency Dispatch Center received a call for a stabbing at 32 Beech St. in the Centralville section of the city. Upon arrival officers and emergency medical personnel discovered a “Six fingered” male adult with a weapon described as a sword still protruding from the victim. As medical personnel attended to the victim, officers began searching for the suspect, who was believed to be a relative of the victim. The NEMLEC SWAT Team and Lowell Officers conducted a search for the suspect in the home and determined the suspect was not present. Lowell Police Detectives continued to investigate and process the crime scene as patrol units searched the area for the suspect. Several firearms were located on the property believed to belong to the suspect. At approximately 5:55 AM this date, the suspect was observed back at the location of the assault, 32 Beech St. and was placed under arrest by Lowell Officers without further incident. The victim was med-flighted via helicopter to a Boston hospital where he remains at this time with what are not considered to be life threatening injuries.

How about that…the 6 fingered-man was hanging out in Centraville this whole time, on Beech Street no less. I’ve got to imagine it’s not a bad spot for castaway henchmen to feel right at home. It does kind of have that “pit of despair” feel to it, and reckless swordplay is generally accepted provided nobody calls the cops. I have to imagine Prince Humperdink like’s what lower Bridge Street has to offer in the form of princesses for pay, and not having to waste his time on prudes like Buttercup.

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