Its Friday, Head to the Airport for Trip Roulette

I’m not sure what it is about this video that is supposed to make us want to drink Heineken, but it essentially confirms that you can make just about anything interesting if you follow it with “Roulette.” Russian Roulette, Commuter Rail Seat “Roulette”, Rental Car “Roulette, stripper roulette…the beat goes on. As far trip Roulette goes, I’m spinning that wheel 100% of the time. Not because I’m the adventurous type, but more so because I’m a big ham and wouldn’t want to disappoint the onlookers…even if it means being force-fed Heineken in some foreign hellhole for a week.

PS. F-minus to the folks at Heineken for not mixing in a Detroit or Philly. It’s not Roulette if some of the destinations don’t suck.

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