Detroit broke city!!!

(quick snopes search discredits some of the video’s “points” but the photos are telling.)

Crazy that the bomb went off over there and Detroit a once proud center of modern technology is a burnt out husk of its former self.  I talked about this over at Mr. Mill City back in the day.  I made the point this morning on the radio over at WCAP that if I won Powerball or had a lot of money to invest I would use a good chunk of it in Detroit.  Not even kidding.  You can buy whole abandoned neighborhoods for pennies on the dollar and level them.  I’d create agriculture jobs.  There’s a huge unemployment epidemic in Detroit right now.  People also need to eat.  With the local food movement I think like Mayor Dave Bing this could be a winner for the city and the people of Detroit.  It’s a city that’s much more than illegal AK-47’s, Bloods, Crips, and nearly 50% adult illiteracy. 

It’s Motown.  Home the Motor City Madman  Ted Nugent.  Home of that perennial NFL powerhouse the Lions. 

The news out of the Motor City isn’t all bad though.  Plus the RoboCop reboot is coming out next year!


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