Whitey’s still offing people from behind bars….

COWBOY whitey

(Cowboy Whitey Bulger)

Like most of you I’ve read Black Mass and The Brothers Bulger.  A buddy of mine said the thing that bothered him most about the whole Whitey thing was as a small businessman himself how Whitey basically stuck a gun in Steven “Stippo” Rakes face and made him sign over his package store to Whitey for a small pay off to make it look legal.  This guy has been waiting and dreaming of taking the stand and telling Whitey what a POS he is.  He found out Tuesday he wasn’t going to get that chance.  He went home and was found dead today. 

I don’t know if he killed himself or all of that pent up anger and stress finally caught up to him and he had a heart attack like so many other people do.  Either way (in my baseless sensational opinion wouldn’t it be nice if “legitimate media” made these disclaimers?) Whitey Bulger and his trial killed Stippo Rakes.

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