The Merrimack Valley apocalypse.

As a man who equates his Facebook feed to tea leaves… I have to take a moment and reflect on how hysterically funny this pending MarketBasket implosion is…you know, if you ignore the potential loss of employment.

The prospect of this community trying to lead functional lives without Demoulas’ is bleak. How will we eat? Do other grocery stores put their food in aisles or is it just a free-for-all? I hear all this new-aged-hooey about organic food…will we be able to find the genetically modified items that our bodies crave? Will Tastee O’s be discontinued? How will I transport my sandwich and chips to work without a Market Basket bag?

See what I mean? What a potential shitshow. In retrospect, it probably wasn’t the best idea to assign the entire Merrimack Valley consumer staple contribution to a family that gets along so well.

PS. Feel free to do the math on the carnage that has occurred in the Greek Community since Mayor Murphy got Pericles cocked on St Paddy’s.

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