Elliot Spitzer running for NYC Controller damn glad to meet you….. (again.)


Eliot Spitzer told the News he hopes 'to get a second chance.'

Client #9 is back baby.  No word on his black socks that he “allegedly” likes to leave on when getting his freak on though.  The clamor in the American public for Spitzer’s return to politics after TWO failed TV show hosting gigs was palpable (read: nonfreakingexsistant).  How can we miss you and your black socks if you won’t stay away?  Not a total loss though, word on the street is that Mara Dolan, Marie Sweeney, and the GLAD crew are really excited to help campaign to get yet another Democrat hack back into office.  Oh wait NYC isn’t in Mass?  Doesn’t matter.  He’s got the D next to his name and that makes him all good in the hood as far as they’re concerned.  Checks in the mail Elliot!  Say hi to Anthony Weiner on the campaign trail!  Is there a bigger forgone conclusion then Weiner/Spitzer getting back into office? And people wonder why only half of US Citizens vote.  This is why.  Hacks and complete scumbags running for office over and over again.

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